Michael Paxton

Academy Award® nominee Michael Paxton has been writing, producing, and directing intriguing and unique projects in the entertainment industry ever since he received his Master of Fine Arts degree from NYU's Graduate Institute of Film and Television. Bringing his eclectic background in philosophy and film to create a diverse body of work, Michael has been involved in a wide range of live action feature films, animation, theatrical, and literary works.

Michael's passions have led him to challenges which have produced award-winning results. Through each successive project, he confirms his love for working with actors, artists, dancers, and musicians. From documentaries like the Academy Award® nominated, AYN RAND: A SENSE OF LIFE, to stage plays to his current project—an original film musical--his writing and directorial style continue to evolve. Please click on the images below to see the various projects Michael has worked on or is currently developing.

Also, please continue to visit this site as it progresses with Michael's career. If you would like to contact Michael, please him.

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