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Michael is working on several new projects that he is passionate about. These projects are in various stages of development.

These include:

  • Scripts in development
  • Scripts completed, production funding pending
  • Book projects in development

If you are interested in any of Michael’s projects, (or you have a project that you would like Michael to get involved in), please let him know by

Ironhorse: A Train Story

Ironhorse: A Train Story
Screenplay by Michael Paxton, Sue & Terry Shakespeare, & David Molina

Set in the 1950s, IRONHORSE is an epic 3D animated feature for train enthusiasts of all ages. Amidst thrilling adventures, mystery, and excitement, heart-warming train characters are brought to life in a world that is lived on the rails. From the tried and true steam engines of the period to the newer diesels, this story shows how a brave little engine with a dream and his faithful caboose are willing to go to the limits to earn the respect and admiration of their parents and peers. Also, Michael Paxton co-wrote and Associate Produced the animated teaser short as well.

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