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Michael is working on several new projects that he is passionate about. These projects are in various stages of development.

These include:

  • Scripts in development
  • Scripts completed, production funding pending
  • Book projects in development

If you are interested in any of Michael’s projects, (or you have a project that you would like Michael to get involved in), please let him know by

Sarah Bernhardt: A Flame & A Prayer

Sarah Bernhardt: A Flame & A Prayer
Screenplay by Michael Paxton

Although her stage performances are lost forever, Sarah Bernhardt’s legacy is still written about to this day. The indelible impression Sarah Bernhardt made on audiences has stood the test of time and made her name synonymous with dramatic acting. And, as every show must end when the curtain falls, no one embraced that fact like Sarah Bernhardt did. She gave her all and…whether from stage fright, anger, passion, or talent…no one could bring the curtain down like she could. There was a noble element to her cause and her art…and a unique passion. Sarah would never just accept her circumstances. Against all odds, the depth of her power to gain the adulation of millions all over the world is the essence of her story.

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