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Michael is working on several new projects that he is passionate about. These projects are in various stages of development.

These include:

  • Scripts in development
  • Scripts completed, production funding pending
  • Book projects in development

If you are interested in any of Michael’s projects, (or you have a project that you would like Michael to get involved in), please let him know by

Sisters of the Silver Screen

Sisters of the Silver Screen
A Retrospective of Nuns in Film, Television, and Theatre

From the convent to a career in show business--it’s an old habit. Not only a comprehensive guide to how nuns have been made into cinematic and pop-culture icons, but also a beautiful coffee table tome with hundreds of stunning television, theatre, and movie stills that span the decades. Nuns have long been used by filmmakers as an ideal of womanhood, one that is highly misunderstood and wrongly utilized as a contradiction in a habit. From SONG OF BERNADETTE and THE NUN’S STORY to THE TROUBLE WITH ANGELS and A CHANGE OF HABIT, these idyllic women have been caught in the trap of timelessly misunderstood goddesses.

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