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Michael is working on several new projects that he is passionate about. These projects are in various stages of development.

These include:

  • Scripts in development
  • Scripts completed, production funding pending
  • Book projects in development

If you are interested in any of Michael’s projects, (or you have a project that you would like Michael to get involved in), please let him know by

Presumed Innocence

Presumed Innocence
Screenplay by Michael Paxton & Sue Shakespeare (based on a true story)

A socialite accused of planning to murder her estranged husband…a husband with ties to the mob…and a daughter caught in the middle. Should she believe her mother who has been a pathological liar all her life? Or the alcoholic stepfather who has been known to be violent more often than not? Based on an actual case in Colorado, PRESUMED INNOCENCE is a drama that unfolds while testing the limits of familial ties, revenge, and the desire for unconditional love.

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